Sunday, August 14, 2011


In the first scene, Marlon (John Dumelo) is telling his secretary, whom he's been sleeping with, that he's had enough of her and so, he's firing her. In the next scene, Sly (Majid Michel) is telling his ex-girlfriend, Kay, why they can't get back together and the reason is that he is in love/obsessed with this particular girl in his dreams. He is so sure she is real and proceeds to show her a painting of the dream girl and you can recognition dawn on her face.

But ultimately the story is about Chelsea, surprise haha! She is hurting from a bad breakup and decides to move in with her friend, Kay, in another city. We find out she was previously dating and married to Marlon, who she believed was now a reformed bad-boy, turned out he only dated her for revenge. 
Sly finally meets his object of obsession and after a series of awkward meetings and a 100 million cedis reward, they finally start a relationship. All goes well until Marlon wants his runaway bride back.

'Twas definitely an interesting movie and the plot, though far-fetched sometimes (Sly says he's been dreaming of this girl he's never met for 4 years, really though), was refreshing and had some good twists.

Acting all-round was decent, nothing spectacular. I love Majid as an actor, but his portrayal of an obsessed artist was just too much. He would do nothing all day but stare and hug her picture.
Kay can cry oh! I just stopped counting the scenes where she would go Sly and beg him to take her back, only to turn on the waterworks when he rejected her.

It is a solid movie that I will recommend, nice to watch with a friend cos there are some scenes that will make you go 'EHN??' lol. Though the order of events and the changes in location are a bit confusing, it's definitely a good effort, with some interesting plot twists. 

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